covid safe

Changes to Services

 The Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs is committed to providing   covid-safe businesses practices in  line with the Victorian government guidelines.  The information below is being updated regularly to inform you of the status and availability of our hotel and wellness experiences in response to the current state of restrictions.  

 We are pleased to welcome leisure guests back to the Deep Blue Accommodation and wellness experiences from Friday 10th September. 

At this time, we are unable to accept guests from N.S.W,  Metro Melbourne or Shepparton in line with current travel restrictions applicable for these areas. 

– Last updated 8th September 2021 

Restaurant Dining

The Restaurant is open for dinner service on Friday 10th September and Saturday 11th September.

Pre-booking is required with two seating times available 5.30pm and 7pm. For reservations please call 03 5559 2000 and leave a message.

More details to come regarding further dates of availability.

hot springs sanctuary

The outdoor Hot Springs Sanctuary is reopening Friday 10th September.

Capacity limits apply and pre-booking is required. * Sessions may be subject to cancellation if there are either no or little pre-booked entries.

Masks can be removed while in the water, however must be worn upon arrival and departure from the facilities, in change areas and while moving from one pool to another.

Day Spa

The Day Spa will be reopening for normal business hours from Friday 10th September .

Unfortunately facials are not available during this time due to the requirement to wear a mask.

It is necessary to pre-book all spa treatments to avoid disapointment.

To place a booking please phone 03 5559 2020 and leave a message.

Indoor Bath House

The Bath House will be reopening Friday 10th September 2021

Capacilty limits apply and pre-booking is highly encouraged.

Masks are required to be worn upon arrival and departure of the facilities however can be removed while bathing in the water.

To book please phone 03 5559 2020 and leave a message.

Salt Therapy

The Salt Room is currently closed .

Information regarding reopening and service availability will be updated here once confirmed.

Infrared Wellness Sauna

The Sauna is currently closed .

Information regarding reopening and service availability will be updated here once confirmed.

Covid Safe practices at the Deep Blue

The Deep Blue Hot Springs has established a COVID SAFE PLAN in response to the threat of Covid-19 and to reduce 
reduce risks of spread while still enabling guests to enjoy comfortable experiences.  The strategy includes operational changes,
new employee practices and re-imagining high-traffic public spaces. Strategies align with Victorian Government guidance and we hope will help to instill confidence for our guests, employees, and our wider community that
their health and safety is our top priority.



We have taken immediate  action to ensure that additional and heightened cleaning measures are put into place,

such as:

– Additional time allotted to cleaning and disinfecting of guest rooms and public areas 

– Limited or modified operating hours for resort amenities to allow additional cleanings throughout the day. 

– Sanitizing stations are available throughout the hotel including elevators and upon entry to each of our facilities .



Face masks are currently  a requirement to be worn at all times during your visit with the
exception of lawful exemptions, when you are eating, drinking or while bathing  in any of the pools.  Masks must be worn when outside of the pool ( for example when entering the change rooms  or when arriving or exiting the facilities). Masks should not be worn when it is likely that they will get wet or damaged ( for example while a participant is in the process of exiting a pool).

We promote physical distancing through the display of signage and floor decals to
ensure proper separation in lines and common areas.

 It is a requirement for all guests to sign in upon on arrival to the facilities for contact tracing purposes. You can choose to scan the QR code provided at each department or complete the contact form.  We reserve the right to ask for photo identification. 

We discourage congregating in crowded areas through the reconfiguration of public spaces to limit the number
of employees and customers in various areas and Capacity limit signs are clearly visible. We also encourage guests to complete an online waiver pre-arrival to limit wait times. 

Reinforcing proper hygiene is encouraged with prompts and sanitization stations installed throughout the resort. 


We wish to reassure you that we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facilities and have always implemented the following measures:

·         Throughout operating hours the Geothermal Water in each pool at the Sanctuary & Bath house is refreshed with a  flow of water in excess of 25% every hour, with every pool’s water changing over completely every 4 hours. 

We are taking additional measures to ensure that guests and staff are able to continue to enjoy the facilities:

·         Increased frequency of cleaning of all high traffic areas and bathrooms are continually restocked with toiletries, soaps & sanitisers and are being cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day.

·         Whilst our geothermal pools are within high heat temperature ranges  38 ͦ C – 42  ͦ C, we are currently adding Bromine to all bathing pools as an added precaution.  

·         All entry points and reception desks feature sanitiser stations with additional sanitiser stations placed in the public change rooms and eating areas. 

 All staff have completed covid training.