Enter the Sanctuary

Harnessing the natural geothermal waters, the Deep Blue Hot Springs is a self-guided journey in an open-air sanctuary of hot spring rock pools and mood enhancing bathing experiences.

We encourage quiet enjoyment of the Sanctuary to allow yourself and others to embrace the ambient sounds incorporated into enhanced bathing experiences, combined with the native atmosphere of the open-air environment. 

Please note current session availability:

Morning sessions  MON, SAT & SUN

Afternoon sessions MON, FRI, SAT & SUN

Twilight session ( adults only age 16+) TUE, WED, THU, FRI & SAT



Allow yourself time to heal

Let your mind wander to a therapeutic state while your body absorbs the health restoring mineral’s salts & heat of the natural earth drawn waters as you slowly make your journey throughout a myriad of geothermal pools. Delving into steep caves for enhanced sensory stimulation and bathing in floral aromatic mist. Bask over basalt stones or relax in the shallows of the reflection pool for quiet contemplation. Water is nurtured and celebrated throughout the Sanctuary and can be found gently streaming over rock walls, humming in the foot spa and flowing throughout fifteen thoughtfully curated bathing pools.

Opening hours & Pricing 

An ancient water source

The ritual of Geothermal bathing is deeply embedded into ancient cultures for physical and emotional benefits. The mineral-rich water is gathered from deep within the earth at various depths around the world. The geothermal water at the Deep Blue has been gathered from a depth of 850 meters below the ground within meters of the Sanctuary, rich in naturally therapeutic health restorative minerals and arriving at the surface at natural temperatures ranging from 35-42 degrees. The heat is naturally occurring and is the result of the earth’s core temperature.

Naturally occurring mineral’s found include :

S Sulfur, Detoxifies at a cellular level.

Se Selenium, a powerful antioxidant and is crucial to the health and function of the thyroid gland.

Si Silica, one of the most important minerals for strong, beautiful, healthy skin, hair nails and bones.

Li Lithium, a helpful depression regulator and mood stabiliser.

Mg Magnesium, maintain muscle health.

The mineral-rich water increases your heart rate and hydrostatic pressure and as a result, your cells become oxygenated and your circulation is boosted. It also stimulates your metabolism, aiding digestion. Part of the extreme relaxation you feel is the result of decreasing tension in sore muscles. Warming your body expands blood vessels, which relaxes those tired muscles. Bathing in geothermal water can assist to improve sleep quality, provide natural pain relief, muscle & joint rehabilitation, Reduced stress and blood pressure, Assist to solve problematic skin.

Nourish Dome
Located within the Sanctuary is the Nourish Dome. Here you are invited to replenish and rehydrate with a chef prepared nutritional grazing menu and beverages inspired by the natural medicinal properties of earthen ingredients.


To maintain an enjoyable experience we offer a limited number of entries per session.  We highly recommend you pre book before arrival to ensure you don’t miss out. 

Resource links  to research in relation to the health benefits of hot springs:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5397653/


We are pleased to be welcoming you back to a renewed sense of freedom.  We are taking a conscious approach to slowly commence the reawakening of the wealth of wellness experiences at the Deep Blue and wish to thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

Upon attending the Deep Blue you will notice we have implemented a number of additional measures to ensure the health of our guests and staff:

  • Increased cleaning is being undertaken regularly throughout operating hours using hospital grade disinfectant  in addition to a deep clean and sanitisation of facilities prior to reopening
  • Sanitizer stations are placed throughout and increased signage regarding hygiene practices
  • Floor decals featured at all reception points to prompt 1.5 mt distancing
  • Signage advising of maximum number of persons allowed in each space and prompts to reinforce 1.5mt social distancing
  • Changes in operating hours and the availability or restructuring of some of our usual services ( pre-booking is highly recommended).
  • All staff at the Deep Blue have completed the Covid-19 infection control training.
  • Throughout operating hours the Geothermal Water in each pool at the Sanctuary & Bath house  is refreshed with a  flow of water in excess of 25% every hour, with every pool’s water changing over completely every 4 hours.
  • All hotel guest rooms feature reverse cycle split system and NOT ducted air conditioning.
  • Whilst our geothermal pools are high heat temperature range 38 ͦ C – 42  ͦ C we are currently adding Bromine to all public bathing pools as an added precaution.
  • All entry points and reception desks feature sanitiser stations with additional sanitiser stations placed in the public change rooms and eating areas.
  • Bathrooms are continually restocked with toiletries, soaps & sanitisers and are being cleaned on a regular basis throughout the day.
  • Restaurant dining has been restricted and all guests are now required to pre-book allocated seating times ( this is an extra precaution to further limit the potential for crowding ).
  • All used robes & towels are removed and laundering from bathing areas on a regular basis each day.
  • Spa product testers are not available during this time and have been removed from the gift shop and day spa

As we respond to the evolving landscape of restrictions and allowances, we recommend you call us direct to discuss your upcoming visit should you wish to enquire about any of the experiences at the deep blue.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours of arrival are  will incur a full cancellation fee which is 100% of the booking cost.  Change of dates can be if advised more than 24 hours before arrival.  

Simply pre-book your session and you are welcome to stay in the Sanctuary for the duration of your ticketed session.

All ages 5 years and over are welcome to attend the morning & afternoon sessions however must be accompanied by an adult if aged under 16 years.

The twilight session is reserved for adult’s only ( ages 16+). We reserve the right to ask for photo identification upon arrival.

The entrance to the hot springs reception is located on  Worm Bay Road, Warrnambool Victoria Australia.   

At this stage no discounts are offered to concession card holders. 

All persons entering the Sanctuary are required to pay the entry fee. 

Food and Beverages are available for purchase at the Nourish Dome located within the Sanctuary.

You are not permitted to bring your own food and drinks other than water into the sanctuary.  We recommend you bring  your own refillable drink bottles and utilise the water refill stations which are available within the Sanctuary.

Talking on mobile phones is not permitted in the Sanctuary. If you choose to bring your phone to take  photos, please ensure it is switched to silent and refrain from taking photos of any other person other than yourself or consenting friends or family.  Please do be mindful and respectful of the privacy other guests.

Appropriate bathing attire must be worn and you are welcome to bring your own towel, robe and appropriate footwear. Robes and towels are also available to hire.

A designated storage area is available within the change facility with the option to hire a locker hire upon arrival. Hire lockers feature USB charge ports and RFID  lock technology.  We recommend you do not bring valuables with you when visiting the Sanctuary and we cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings.

Wifi is not available within the sanctuary.

Please seek medical advice before bathing  if you have any medical conditions or concerns. We do not recommend bathing while pregnant.

At this stage no. For information on accessibility for all abilities please phone our reception on (03) 5559 2050

The Deep Blue Hotel offers 80 guest rooms including 6 penthouse suites with expansive ocean views. For all accommodation inquiries please phone our hotel reception on (03) 5559 2000 

Sanctuary Ettiquette

 We encourage quiet enjoyment of the Sanctuary to allow yourself and others to embrace the ambient sounds incorporated into enhanced bathing experiences, combined with the native atmosphere of the open-air environment.

The gift of wellness

 A Deep Blue Hot Springs gift card is a great way to show someone just how much you care.  To arrange a gift card please phone us on: 03 5559 2000