Moonstone Face Cream

Apply a small amount of Moonstone Face Cream to a clean and dry face, massaging it into the skin in circular
motions. For best results, we recommend applying after cleansing with the moonstone cleanser.

Organic Camellia Sinensis Extract: Organic white tea
Cocos Nucifera: Organic coconut oil
Urtica Diotica: Organic nettle extract
Glycerin: Organic vegetable oil derived from soy & maze that actively cleanses
Cetearyl Olivate: Combination of the fatty acids & alcohols from olive oil which emulsifies the cream
Sorbitan Olivate: Compound made from olive oils fatty acids and sorbitol (a dehydrated sugar) which is mildly cleansing
and also emulsifying
Simmondsia Chinensis: Organic jojoba oil
Persea Gratissima: Organic avocado oil
Rosa Canina: Organic rosehip oil
Butyrospermum Parki: Organic shea butter
Organic Beeswax
Moonstone Crystal Essence
Essential Oils of:
Bergamot: Uplifts the mood, relieves tension and boosts circulation to help with digestion
Lavender: Soothes the mind and promotes a restful nights sleep
Roman Chamomile: Nurtures the mind and body back to a state of calm


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