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Lowell Hunter @salty_One_here

The Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs is proud to host a selection of captivating artworks created by Lowell Hunter for our visitors to enjoy and to be able to learn about the stories and intention behind each piece.  

Lowell Hunter is a proud Nyul Nyul Saltwater man from the Kimberley’s in Western Australia, who grew up on Gundijmara Country in Warrnambool, and now lives on Wathaurong Country, Geelong.  Although far apart, each of these special places have kept Lowell strongly connected to the ocean his whole life.   Lowell creates sand art and uses drone photography to capture the scale of is works within breathtaking landscapes. Using only his feet, Lowell carves stories into the sand using the same movements he was taught through traditional dance movements his people people have practiced for countless generations. Lowell’s artworks tell stories of family, identity and connection.

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"Where the life of a city meets the freedom of the coast and where you can always get a front row seat to natures greatest performances".

Time to wind down by the Sea in Warrnambool

Winter  is a truly magic time to wind down and warm up the Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs.  Embrace the cooler air while wrapped in the warming waters at the Sanctuary,  a nourishing comfort meal and a cosy bed. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect from a visit to the Deep Blue this Winter. 

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Deeply inspired Great Ocean Road Trip

sights & sounds of the Great Ocean Road

Treat your eyes and ears to a taste of natures biggest & best of of the Great Ocean Road. With the 12 Apostles just an hour’s drive to the east, and Port Fairy only 20 minutes to the west, the Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs is the perfect base to explore the wider Great Ocean Road Region. 

Local's utopia becomes your Greatopia

“You’ve probably heard of the Great Ocean Road
You may have even visited parts of it before, but when you venture a little further, you’ll discover the greatest nature, food, wine and adventure. You’ll soon realise why the locals call it their utopia.” – Greatopia

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Slow it down and stay awhile in seaside comforts

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Repurposing a precious resource.

Did you know the Deep Blue re purposes the spent Geothermal water from the Hot Springs to provide heat to other areas of the Hotel?

The Geothermal water in the outdoor Sanctuary and Indoor Bath House is continuously flowing and is not recirculated into the bathing pools.  This means the water in each pool is being constantly fed in and drawn out so that each pool’s body of water is completely replenished every 4 hours.  The spent water is then repurposed to provide heat to other areas of the Deep Blue including the guest hotel rooms, public and staff areas through wall mounted hydronic radiators. 

Not only does this drastically reduce the Hotel’s consumption of electricity, it is also provides our guests with the cleanest form of heating.

But, It doesn’t stop there, this water is also be repurposed to provide heat for the indoor swimming pool and even the  underfloor heating in the Nourish Dome Café.


Social & Historical significance.

1876 Although not Geothermal, Warrnambool’s original sea baths kick started Warrnambool’s reputation as a bathing destination. The Sea baths were built in 1876 on the line of the railway track, and were later moved to their present location at Gilles Street with the advent of the railway. The Sea Baths harnessed salt water drawn from the sea by a windmill and later by steam pump, with an original main pool measuring 100 feet by 50 feet. Houses did not have their own bathrooms at this time; what began as a public hygiene solution soon became a tourism movement with segregated women’s and men’s nude swimming areas.

2004 The Deep Blue Bath House & Day Spa was established in 2004, after drilling for geothermal water was successful. The establishment of the bath house was the first Geothermal bathing experience in the Great Ocean Road region and appealed to visitors from all over the world for its physical & emotional benefits. Renovations in 2021 have ensured that both indoor and outdoor bath houses remain popular destinations for locals and tourists alike with many habitual bathers frequenting them several times a week as part of their holistic health, fitness, and wellness regimes.

2019  In December 2019, the Deep Blue Hot Springs was opened. The emergence of this open-air Sanctuary was celebrated as a completely unique bathing destination for visitors to experience the thrill of exploring a myriad of curated rock pools, sensory caves and waterfalls whilst benefiting from the naturally therapeutic geothermal waters rich in minerals and heat. Various sizes, flow rate, and outside temperatures all contribute to the varying heat levels in different pools; some reach temperatures of 34-40 degrees Celsius (93.2 – 104 Fahrenheit), while others dip down to 34 degrees Celsius (93.2 Fahrenheit). After many years of planning, construction on the Sanctuary began in 2018 and took over three years to complete–hand-sculpted by a talented team of rock ad water artisans who continue to care for the sanctuary environment today.