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The award-winning Deep Blue Hot Springs Warrnambool is the ultimate geothermal mineral bathing Sanctuary. Discover the myriad of open-air rock pools, sensory caves and cleansing waterfalls while soaking in the therapeutic waters, naturally rich in minerals and heat. Learn more about the therapeutic ritual of bathing and discover why this ancient wellness practice has quickly become one of top things to do in Warrnambool.

Explore a myriad of Rock pools & Caves

The ritual of bathing in Hot Springs is deeply embedded into ancient cultures for physical and emotional benefits. The mineral-rich water is sourced from deep within the earth at various depths around the world. The geothermal water at the Deep Blue Warrnambool is gathered from a depth of 850 meters below the ground, with a unique mineral composition to support a range of physical and emotional health benefits. The heat is naturally occurring and is the result of the earth’s core temperature and arrives to the surface at temperatures ranging from 35 - 42 degrees.

Session Times & Pricing

Daytime Sessions

7.30- 9.30AM, 10.00- 12.00PM, 1.00- 3.00PM, 3.30- 5.30PM
$ 33
*Starting price for adults ticket
  • includes access to the Hot Springs Sanctuary and all fifteen bathing experiences located within
  • Children age 5+ are welcome to attend this session with a parent or guardian. Children's ticket prices start at just $20

Twilight Session

6PM -9PM
$ 57
*Starting price for adults ticket
  • Reserved for Adults age 16+
  • Includes access to the Hot Springs Sanctuary and all fifteen bathing experiences located within

explore the sanctuary

Discover the myriad of open air rock pools and sensory caves.

Hot Springs Brochure

View and print a copy of the Deep Blue Hot Springs brochure here.

the gift of wellness

Gift wellness with a voucher to the Deep Blue Hot Springs.

Sessions & pricing

Access the Sanctuary by purchasing a ticket to a Daytime or Twilight session.

Group Bookings

Hot Springs Group Experiences,  specifically for organised sporting and school groups.

Natural Geothermal Mineral Waters

Our Water

The natural combination of heat and minerals in the Geothermal waters at the Deep Blue creates a therapeutic environment that can benefit both your body and mind.

The warm temperature helps to relax muscles, improve circulation, and relieve tension, while the unique mineral composition can nourish your skin and promote a healthy glow.

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Enjoy an evening stroll across to the Merri Marine Sanctuary and Pickering Point, setting the stage for a Sunset like this ☀️

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“Separated by oceans, connected by water.”
There are numerous ways to forge connections with hot springs during Soakember. We encourage you to discover an experience that resonates with you, uniting you with the vitality of these natural wonders. Explore your local hot springs and find opportunities to connect with yourself, your community, and the natural world that surrounds us on November 11.

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~Sea Holistic Wellness Ritual ~
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For our most up-to-date information regarding operational changes please see our dedicated covid-safe page here

The Deep Blue Hot Springs has established a COVID safe plan to reduce risks of COVID-19 transmission while still enabling guests to enjoy a comfortable experiences.  The strategy includes operational changes, new employee practices and re-imagining high-traffic public spaces. Strategies align with Victorian Government guidance and we hope will help to instil confidence for our guests, employees, and our wider community that their health and safety is our top priority.


 We have taken immediate  action to ensure that additional and heightened cleaning measures are put into place, such as:

- Additional time allotted to cleaning and disinfecting of guest rooms and public areas
- Limited or modified operating hours for resort amenities to allow additional cleanings throughout the day.
- Sanitizing stations are available throughout the hotel including elevators and upon entry to each of our facilities .

We promote physical distancing through the display of signage and floor decals to ensure proper separation in lines and common areas.

We discourage congregating in crowded areas through the reconfiguration of public spaces to limit the number of employees and customers in various areas.

Reinforcing proper hygiene is encouraged with prompts and sanitization stations installed throughout the resort.

We encourage all guests to complete their Online waivers prior to arrival. This helps to speed up check in and reduce number of patrons standing in reception areas.

Hand Sanitizer stations are placed at all reception area’s and throughout the resort along with signage and floor decals to prompt 1.5 mt social distancing.


All staff at the Deep Blue Hotel & Hot Springs have completed the covid-19 training


We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours of arrival will incur a full cancellation fee which is 100% of the booking cost.  Change of dates can accommodated if advised more than 24 hours before arrival.  

Simply pre-book your session and you are welcome to stay in the Sanctuary for the duration of your ticketed session.

All ages 5 years and over are welcome to attend any of the daytime  sessions however must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times if aged under 16 years.

The twilight session (6.00- 9.00pm) is reserved for adult’s only ( ages 16+). We reserve the right to ask for photo identification upon arrival.

The entrance to the hot springs reception is located on  Worm Bay Road, Warrnambool Victoria Australia.   

We accept Seniors & Veteran Cards. These cards entitle holders to a 10% discount for bathing only. To book, please visit us or call

03 5559 2050 and present your valid Seniors or Veterans card upon check in.

All persons entering the Sanctuary are required to pay the entry fee with the exception of 'companion card' holders.

Food and beverages other than water are not permitted in the Sanctuary .  We recommend you bring  your own refillable drink bottles and utilise the water refill stations which are available within the Sanctuary. Tides Cafe & Bar located on the ground floor of the hotel is available 7am -6pm daily.


Talking on mobile phones is not permitted in the Sanctuary. If you choose to bring your phone to take  photos, please ensure it is switched to silent and refrain from taking photos of any other person other than yourself or consenting friends or family.  Please do be mindful and respectful of the privacy other guests.

Appropriate bathing attire must be worn and you are welcome to bring your own towel, robe and appropriate footwear. Robes and towels are also available to hire.

A designated storage area is available within the change facility with the option to hire a locker hire upon arrival. Hire lockers feature USB charge ports and RFID  lock technology.  We recommend you do not bring valuables with you when visiting the Sanctuary and we cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings.

Wifi is not available within the sanctuary.

Please seek medical advice before bathing  if you have any medical conditions or concerns. We do not recommend bathing while pregnant.

At this stage no. For information on accessibility for all abilities please phone our reception on (03) 5559 2050

The Deep Blue Hotel offers 80 guest rooms including 6 penthouse suites with expansive ocean views. For all accommodation inquiries please phone our hotel reception on (03) 5559 2000 

Benefits of Hot Springs bathing

The healing powers and benefits of mineral water and hot springs are reknowned worldwide. The articles below provide more indepth research papers and articles on the subject.

Sulphurous Mineral Waters

Sulphurous mineral waters have been traditionally used in medical hydrology as treatment for skin, respiratory, and musculoskeletal disorders…

The antioxidant activity

The aim of this study was to investigate the antigenotoxicity effects of sulphurous water which has never been previously investigated for this…

spa and climate therapy

Sulphurous mineral waters have vasodilating activity on vessels of bronchial mucose, improving its trophic state, and increase the production of secretory…