'People coming together across the globe to celebrate water, and the culture it supports, through the practice of bathing.'

About World Bathing Day

An initiative of the Bathe the World Foundation, the day will draw attention to our connection with the environment and the state of the world’s water in which we all bathe, as well as drawing awareness to the plight of people for whom bathing is not yet an option and rallying actions to create a world where bathing is possible for all.

Since its inception in 2018, thousands of people have gathered to shine a spotlight on the vital importance of humanity’s interdependent relationship with water for wellbeing, community and culture.

 Participants engaging from all over the world, including: New Zealand, Iran, Iceland, Japan, Serbia, Fiji, England, Sweden, France, the USA, Scotland, Croatia, Norway, Brazil, Slovenia, Switzerland, Greece, Indonesia, Finland, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, India, United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.


Watch the Global Sound Bath

World Bathing Day at the Deep Blue


 The Deep Blue Hot Springs Warrnambool is proud to acknowledge and celebrate World Bathing Day. This year in 2021 we celebrated our local bathing culture by inviting bathers to immerse themselves in the natural geothermal mineral waters at the sanctuary with special guest Billy Briggs performing experiential Yidaki sound baths in the Sensory caves.  

Ngata, My people are the Keerray Woorroong, meaning blood lip of the Maar nation. I learnt to play the Yidaki (didgeridoo) when I was roughly 14 years old and the thing that most inspired me to play and learn is the soothing sound it produces. The way I come about learning the Yidaki is being taught several techniques to learn how to circular breathe. I have been playing the Yidaki for 13 years. The one I commonly use and play is one that my brother had made. The carvings on my Yidaki have a significant meaning to my brother as he had made it for himself at the time.