Deep Blue Salt Room

 Unwind and clear the mind while enjoying the general health benefits of this gentle respiratory therapy in the ambient surrounds of our modern Salt Room.

Salt therapy (or otherwise known as Halo Therapy) is a treatment based on the inhalation of dry salt particles with the purpose to clean the airways for both chronic and acute respiratory conditions. The osmotic properties of salt allows the body to regulate the movement of water in and out of cells within the body. Osmotic pressure allows for the transport of molecules between cells, as salt triggers the movement of fluid from a high concentration to a low concentration. It can also give added benefits to sleep improvement, sports performance and recovery, skin treatment and stress relief.


Salt therapy involves the production of dry salt within an above ground salt room. It is the facilitation of salt aerosol inhalation within a controlled environment in our purpose built salt room. Aerosol production is generated by a medical grade salt aerosol generator which measures and disperses a controlled and safe therapeutic level of salt particles into the air. Salt therapy has been used in Europe for more than 150 years and is considered to be a safe and natural method, for the removal of mucus and the reduction of inflammation within the mucus membranes of the respiratory system.

Halo Therapy offers a natural drug free and clinically tested treatment for general respiratory hygiene and relaxation. When dry salt aerosol particles make contact with the membrane of the respiratory system it assists the body with the natural process of mucociliary clearance. This acts as a cleansing mechanism on the respiratory system removing mucus and reducing inflammation.


Salt therapy is a natural remedy that involves inhaling pharmaceutical-grade salt in a comfortable & controlled environment.

Salt Therapy can help with many conditions such as skin, respiratory and general lifestyle.

Microscopic salt particles are dispersed into the air through a device called a halo-generator. By inhaling these tiny salt particles deep into your airways and lungs, the body’s own process of cleansing and removing build-up of mucus is activated.

Yes. However if you have chronic respiratory conditions it is always best to first consult with a medical practitioner before using Salt Therapy.

No, we use a pharmaceutical grade salt, suitable for use in a Salt Therapy Room.

We suggest wearing comfortable clothes that allow you to relax into our recliner chairs and enjoy the ambience of the space. A hair net and booties will be supplied and must be worn during the session as this allows us to keep the salt clean and hygienic.

The session lasts 45min.

Yes. We also have a smalls election of magazines to borrow. Please ask at reception when you arrive for your session.

Yes. However, we do require ALL mobile phones to be set on silent so as not disrupt other guests. If using headphones to listen to music, please ensure the volume is at an appropriate level. 

No. The Salt Room is a controlled dry environment therefore liquids and food are not suitable.

No, our Salt Room is reserved for persons aged 18 and over.

A 45min session in the Salt Room is $30

Yes, we can issue a full refund if a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.

Once the session has commenced, late arrivals will not be permitted as this causes disruption to other guests and the density of salt in the room. Please ensure that you allow sufficient time before your booked session.